10 Top Celebs Drunk or High On Chatshows


We all love it. When a celeb melts down live on TV. Especially when it’s caused by booze or drugs, right?

It means they are human after all. Sometimes it’s cute, sometimes it’s embarrassing but it’s always entertaining.

It’s weird too, because you would presume they would have someone with them from their ‘team’ and that someone would stop the celeb embarrassing themselves.


It’s probably a case of the celeb insisting they are ok and good to go. To be honest, it’s the drink or drug that’s actually given them the confidence to think they are ok and that no one will notice that they are under the influence.

Let’s face it, when we’re drunk we don’t notice we’re as drunk as we actually are. Everything is great, we’re happy and having a good time.

So let’s watch these celebs, some of who are cute drunks and some are just stranger than fiction. Enjoy

10Jenna Jameson appears drunk during Interview

Former adult film star Jenna Jameson seems disoriented during this interview on Fox’s Good Day New York Monday morning. Just hours earlier she gave a lucid interview on a Bravo show.

9Paula Abduls Drunk appearance on fox morning news

Paula’s curious “appearance” on Seattle’s Q13 FOX Morning News where the Idol judge slurred and giggled her way through the interview.

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