These rings might seem odd, until you put them together

Have you ever looked at a something that seemed odd and asked yourself “What the heck is going on?”

Well, an Israeli couple Maya (a jeweller) and Eliad (a lighting architect), decided to run a business together and they’ve created a line of wedding rings that looked odd separately but hide a really beautiful and sweet secret when they’re put together.

The wedding bands look simple and not flashy, they’re made with either 14 carat, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, sterling silver, or black rhodium plated sterling silver, depending on the client’s preference.

The ring is then carved, and a tiny piece is taken out. When placed together, you’ll find out the hidden message.

But, for those who want theirs to be personalized, they can have their initials carved too.

You can order them from the Etsy shop named CADIjewelry. Price ranges from £290 for a pair of sterling silver rings, to around £1,000 for personalized designs.