You won’t believe what material he uses to create his artwork!

With so many materials being used to create art, it’s so hard to decide on whether artists are becoming so creative or are simply going insane.

A hairdresser from Jilin city, China, named Wang Xiaojiu has developed a creative yet peculiar new art form at his workplace.

For a few months now, he has been creating art from hair strands left on the salon’s floor.

China Daily reports that Wang had the idea to create art using hair when he realized sweeping and throwing it away was such a waste. Instead, he kept it and made some of the most amazing art pieces ever.

To manipulate the strands, he uses a card and hair brush. It usually takes him up to two hours to accomplish an art piece.

However, once he has snapped a photo of his works, he does have to sweep it away.

According to Wang, “When sweeping it away, I do feel hurt.”