Wow! 25 Alien-Like Sea Slugs That Look Like Pokemon

Chromodoris elisabethina, Pixies Pinnacle

There’s something incredible about seeing things which make you say “Wow!” and Sea Slugs are certainly one of those things.

They’re amazing. The shapes and colours are just mind blowing and it’s hard to get your head around the fact these are real creatures, living on this planet with us right now.

They really do look more like Pokemon or alien visitors than something that routinely live in our oceans.

The colours are amazing and seem more computer generated than real life, with their neon brightness. Use your imagination and you can imagine these little creatures battling away at the bottom of the ocean, just like real Pokemon.

Choose your own favorite, but I’ve chosen mine for Number 1. It’s certainly one of the most incredible things I’ve seen and deserves its place at the top!


25Thecacera Pacifica


24Hypselodoris apolegma


23The Hopkins’ rose nudibranch


22Elysia chlorotica


21Cyerce nigricans


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