Exterior Home Improvements That Add Kerb Appeal

Home Improvements

Giving your home a makeover can add to its market value and appearance, and many people think of changing the interior of a home but changing the exterior can immediately add kerb appeal.  From a simple paint job to more extensive work, let’s have a look at different ways you can improve the exterior of your home.

Replacement Windows

Windows are the eyes of a home, always looking outwards onto the world, so it’s important that your windows are in good condition, and if not think about improving or replacing them. If you have a period property there may be restrictions on what type of windows you can use, such as small casement or sliding sash windows and double glazing is usually a no. If not double glazing can provide warmth and noise reduction and is a selling point in a home, so think about having these installed.

A Snazzy Front Door

If your front door is battered and the paint peeling off, it can make your home look unloved, so think about a new lick of paint, new door ornaments like a new letterbox and a new number or name sign. Alternatively, buy a new door. This can immediately improve the look of your home without a huge layout of money.

Exterior Cladding

Changing the exterior finish of your home can be costly but can make a huge difference to the overall look. From PVCu cladding to stone tiles and concrete render there are a number of options available and you should look into it carefully. Lumber or timber boarding can be used for a modern look. Softwoods are the cheapest option whilst hardwoods can be left to weather naturally.

Upgrading The Roof

Upgrading or replacing the roof is a big job too but can transform a home. You can replace the covering rather than the whole roof. Think about the types of tiles you can use to keep the roof in line with the design of your home. Replacing your roof can mean that your home becomes warmer and better insulated too. Think about roof insulation at the same time.

Extension Heaven 

An extension will almost always need planning permission but it can be worth it to create that extra space in your home, adding instant value when you sell it and making your home bigger for a growing family. Whether you are getting a single or two-storey extension it’s always worth consulting an architect who is the best person to design it for you. 


An area of decking in your garden can be the perfect outdoor space linking your home and garden seamlessly. For quality decking, a company like Decks & Docks Lumber Company can supply all your decking needs and dock accessories too. Decking can provide an area to sit and relax, socialise and have parties in the summer months. Although you need a certain level of skills you can install a deck yourself with some simple know-how and some time, so it doesn’t have to be expensive to complete.

So here are some exterior home improvements that add kerb appeal. Would you consider having any done?

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