What To Look For When Choosing The Best Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgery


If you are looking to undergo a corrective or cosmetic procedure you may not know where to start when looking for the best doctor for the job. However, when you are looking for the best plastic surgeon for your procedure there are certain things you need to take into account. Read on to find out what you need to know.


Check the doctor is qualified. In the UK they should be a member of the General Medical Council or on a specialist cosmetic surgery register like the Royal College of Surgeons Certified Cosmetic Surgeon register. You can also check the hospital or clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission. Ask them to show you its certificate, and read the report on the surgery. The NHS has a great guide to helping you choose a plastic surgeon

In the US they should be board certified and on one of the professional organisations recommended such as The American Society of Plastic Surgeons or The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. It’s also important to pick someone who is an expert in their area. 

Personal Recommendations 

Choose a plastic surgeon with a good reputation and on a personal recommendation if you can. If you don’t know anyone that has had work done, then maybe someone you know works in health care and knows a good surgeon. You can read reviews online but not everything online is true so its best to be sceptical. Your GP or medical practitioner may be able to advise you on the reputations of local surgeons so this is a good area of contact in the first instance. 

Visit The Surgery

Make an appointment to visit the surgery and find out about the plastic surgeon working there. When you are there ask questions. Is the plastic surgeon patient and professional? Are they happy to answer any questions you have? Do you feel confident that they are experienced in the procedure that you want to be completed? Is there clear pricing and you know what you are paying for? Be sure to find out about what exactly the procedure entails, the anaesthetic used, the recovery period and any potential complications. Can you visit the operating theatre and does it looks all above board? If you don’t feel comfortable with the surgeon and the surgery then don’t go ahead with it. 

Think About It

Don’t rush into things. It’s important to think about it and make your decision carefully. If you have any doubts or are unsure about anything, see if you can have your doubts allayed. Try to find the answers to all your questions, and check out what to do if things went wrong. Also, don’t be afraid to shop around to get the best surgeon for the job. Always listen to your gut and don’t be afraid to walk away.

As you can see there are many things to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon. With these tips, I hope you will be better informed and you can find the best plastic surgeon for the job.

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