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If you have a website or online business you should be making the most of your email list. Email lists can have a high return on investment when utilised well. To get someone to sign up for an email list you need to offer them a reason to sign up in the first place.  Example benefits could be an exclusive offer or discount code, access to new content or the chance to win a prize. 

Once the person has signed up then they expect a welcome email, but how effective are these emails? In this infographic from Campaign Monitor, you can see that welcome emails have an opening rate of over 90%! Some of the best click-through rates are welcome emails with offers and these can increase revenue by up to 30% per email.
Personalising and automating your welcome email is important too. Use a good email marketing tool to help you do this and so that the customer has a welcome email as soon as possible.  

So don’t neglect your welcome email. Think about what you can offer so that the customer signs up and returns to open your email in future. This can, in turn, increase your sales and make you a happy business person!

How Effective Are Welcome Emails? - Infographic by Campaign Monitor
Source: How Effective Are Welcome Emails? by Campaign Monitor

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