5 Top Bucket List Experiences

Bucket List Travel

Everyone needs a bucket list of experiences that they should enjoy before they die. In this piece, you will get our top 5 bucket list of experiences that will change your life.
Every experience in this list is one of a kind and will make you appreciate the world and its diversity.

Meet our top 5 experiences:

  1. Seeing the northern lights
  2. Spending a night in an overwater bungalow in Fiji
  3. Seeing some of the world’s most unique creatures in Africa on a safari
  4. Exploring the beauty of the underwater world in the Philippines
  5. Wandering the streets of Venice

Seeing The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights
This particular experience is on many people’s bucket list for very good reasons. It is an experience that is magnificent and will leave you awestruck. You can watch the northern lights in Iceland, Canada, Norway, Sweden or Greenland. You can even watch them in Scotland when the conditions are right – clear skies with no cloud cover and little light pollution.
The spectacular view offers a once in a lifetime experience. Dancing along the night sky, watching the explosion of pink, green and orange lights in the sky, or witnessing an infinite green serpent slither across what appears to be the universe, leaves you breathless.

Spending  A Night In An Overwater Bungalow In Fiji

Fiji Bungalows
Fiji is one destination that appeals to everyone. The beautiful islands in this South Pacific location are popular for its amazing jungle waterfalls, beaches, the colour of the water (no less than 5 shades of blue), sandbank islands and colourful sunsets.
More so, an experience of Fiji isn’t complete without the experience of staying in an overwater bungalow. This experience is out of this world. As you watch the fish in the water below, you feel well and truly relaxed and at one with the world.

Seeing Some Of The World’s Most Unique Creatures In Kenya, Gambia Or Tanzania

The Giraffes in Kenya
An African experience is a must-have. Thus, a safari experience has to be on your bucket list. A safari experience exposes you to many creatures you only read about in books or see in movies. You will experience the wildlife first hand in its diversity. Always hire an approved guide to show you the beauty of the African countryside as safety should be your first priority on a safari.

Exploring The Beauty Of The Underwater World In The Philippines

Diving in the Philippines
The rich underwater of the thriving coastal city in the Pacific’s ‘Coral Triangle’ in the Philippines, is the destination for an amazing underwater adventure. From turtles to whales and sharks, little sea critters (like clownfish) and many more, you will be amazed at how many creatures the water holds. You will have an experience of a lifetime. It’s worth learning how to snorkel to see the underwater world in all its beauty.

Wandering The Streets Of Venice

There is no city built by man that is as beautiful as Venice – a city known for beauty, art and romance. Its streets are colourful, with music, restaurants, historic places, famous bridges, movie locations and so many more. Sit in St Mark’s Square with a coffee or an ice-cream (yes its expensive but you only live once!) and soak up the atmosphere.

Now you have it, it is time to fill your bucket list. Enjoy the experience!

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