Men’s Fashion Trends For 2019

As we head towards the end of 2018, many men will be looking ponderously at their wardrobes. With the summer well and truly gone and winter upon us, it’s important that we dress for the time of the year. However, as ever winter does, new and improved trends are falling into place this fall. So, as we begin to make our exit dash from 2018 and move into 2019, what can we expect from men’s fashion trends?

What should guys be keeping an eye out on as they head around their favourite clothing stores?

Lighting The Place Up

While it might sound odd, 2019 appears to be the year of high visibility clothing. Maybe safety is the big issues in 2019? Judging on the political climate, that ring out to be true…

Anyway, people are enjoying wearing jackets with plenty of visibility. From rich reds and vibrant oranges to dark jacks illuminated with visibility stripes, many people are heading out there in a look that you might be used to seeing during midnight roadworks operations.

It might seem odd, but it’s definitely one of the growing male fashion trends for 2019: being seen.

Strong Shoulders

Mens Jacket
Another interesting trend appears to be around how jackets are being put together. While in the last few years a more fitted and slim style has been the way to go, today we’re seeing a lot of jackets with big, strong shoulders – so expect to see plenty of guys cutting around in jackets that might look a touch too big for them.

However, it’s part of the new style that was so wonderfully described as ‘clothing as armour’ – it’s all looking a little bit wild and bulky, but at least we’ll be seen and safe.

The Wild West

John Wayne
Fans of John Wayne, rejoice!

It appears that 2019 might see the return of some proper western style attire; plenty of tassels will be seen, and we’ll likely see a lot of inspiration coming from the old Western US culture.

From big and striking boots to some classic Native American inspired imagery, we can expect to see plenty of shirts, jackets and jeans which will look like they came directly out of Westworld or Red Dead Redemption 2.

Checking You Out

Checkered Clothing
Another big change that appears to be on the way in the male fashion world for 2019 is that of more creative and ambitious looking checkered clothing. While normally quite a popular look, we’re seeing a large chunk of checkered jackets and other similar items flying around the market at this moment in time.

From old school Scottish tartans to more ambitious and engaging woodcutter styles, it appears that 2019 is taking a lot of its inspirations from the past.

So, as 2019 comes strictly into view, we can see that there might be a fair amount of bulky and built-up clothing styles. While it might all seem a little strange to be going for a kind of Western/Highlander blend, the stuff we’re seeing in stores and online all points to a wonderfully nostalgic change to clothing in 2019 for men.

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