6 Tips On Moving House

Moving House Tips

Moving House can be incredibly stressful, in fact, it is often said that after the death of a spouse and divorce it is one of life’s most stressful of events. As well as the stress of physically moving you may also need to make new friends and find work in a new town or city. There are many aspects of a move that are out of your control but here are some practical top tips on moving home that are in your control, and will help keep your stress levels low.

1. Choose A Good Removal Company

There are many removal companies out there so choose wisely. Ask around your friends for personal recommendations and look at reviews online. Do they have a web presence, and do they sound professional? Removal companies should have insurance for your items so double check that. Shop around for removal costs and check what it involves.

2. Sort Out Your Items

Before you start packing sort out your items, Declutter, sell and give to charity. This will mean you have fewer items to pack and at the same time, you can streamline your possessions. This may also mean that it will bring your moving costs down as you have less to move.

3. Make A List And Packing Plan

Packing does take a long time, so it’s good to have a packing plan. Pack each room in order, label each box with the room, a brief idea of items in the box and pack anything you need last minute (like your kettle and tea making items) last. Don’t overpack the boxes as you need to think how heavy they are for ease of moving.

4. Leave Time For Cleaning 

You want the home you are moving to, to be clean so be sure to clean yours too. It’s only polite. Allow for time to clean before moving day and be sure to keep your cleaning supplies handy when you move into your new home. If you are short on time, pay someone to clean for you, you will be thankful later as it’s one less thing to do.

5. Organise Your Bills

Take final meter readings and let the utility companies know that you are moving. Remember to update all your accounts like your bank, credit card companies, council tax, driving licence and more with your new address. Consider paying for a post redirection service with the post office for your mail.

6. Pack A Comfort Kit

On moving day, be sure to pack a comfort kit – a box with items that will make your move comfortable as well as useful items.  So snacks, tea, coffee, a kettle, bottles of water, toiletries, chargers, light bulbs, batteries, a pen and paper. It’s also useful to have the details of the local takeaways before you move. You will be tired and probably won’t want to cook on your moving in day. So these are my 6 top tips on moving house, do you have any tips?

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