Home Improvements To Add Value To Your Home

Loft Conversion

There are a number of ways to add value to your home, so whether you want to add value to get the best price for your home, or you want to add value to get a remortgage here are some of the best home improvements to add value to your home.

Build A Conservatory

A conservatory can add up to 10 per cent to the value of your home so if you have space, why not look into building a conservatory

A fully glazed conservatory can create a light and airy space and is a great place to sit and relax with your family. In most instances, it will not require planning permission, although it will have to comply with the building regulations. Factor in the costs of having it professionally installed as it’s a big job for one person.

Replace Your Windows

If your windows are not sound that you will not get the asking price for your property. Adding replacement windows in line with a period property can help retain the value and even potentially increase it. 

Double glazing is essential in high noise areas if you are in a city or near a major road for example. As well as keeping noise out, double glazing can help keep heat in as well, so a double glazed house can help you save on your energy costs and will be appealing to a buyer. 

The double glazing cost can vary but always go for a professional company with recommendations as the cheapest is not necessarily the best.

Garage Appeal

Adding a garage to your property is a great way to add value to your home as well as keeping your car safe.  It may even reduce your car insurance costs. It is especially appealing to buyers in areas of high crime or where parking space is a premium. 

If you don’t want to add a garage, what about creating off-street parking instead by landscaping a drive and parking space?

Go Lofty With A Conversion

A loft conversion can really appeal to a buyer and adds at least 10 to 15% on the value of the property, especially if it is creating an extra bedroom. You often don’t need planning permission to convert a loft, but double check this if you go ahead.

A loft conversion can be costly though so be sure to budget at least £30,000 or more to add some extra living space to your loft. 

Invest In Your Garden

An attractive, well-designed and well-kept garden can add value to a property. I mean who doesn’t like sitting outside on a sunny day with family or friends with a cup of coffee or glass of wine? Your garden can be an extension of your entertaining space if it is well thought out.

If you are not much of a gardener pick some evergreen plants for pots and consider a water feature to add a wow factor. 

So here are some home improvements to add value to your home. Do any of these appeal to you?

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