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Emailing Marketing And Welcome Emails

Email Marketing

If you have a website or online business you should be making the most of your email list. Email lists can have a high return on investment when utilised well. To get someone to sign up for an email list you need to offer them a reason to sign up in the first place.  Example benefits could be an exclusive offer or discount code, access to new content or the chance to win a prize. 

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The Top Things to See and Do In Edinburgh

Visit Edinburgh

A trip to Scotland is often a delight for those not from the nation. While some Scots are self-deprecating in the extreme, it’s a beautiful nation. Living here, you get an almost instant sense of the charm and beauty of the Scots people, and arguably that is found most authentically in its beautiful capital, Edinburgh.

The capital of Scotland is a truly stunning city and is easily among the most impressive on the British Isles. However, like most capital cities, knowing where to go can be tough!
Where, then, should you start?

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Men’s Fashion Trends For 2019

As we head towards the end of 2018, many men will be looking ponderously at their wardrobes. With the summer well and truly gone and winter upon us, it’s important that we dress for the time of the year. However, as ever winter does, new and improved trends are falling into place this fall. So, as we begin to make our exit dash from 2018 and move into 2019, what can we expect from men’s fashion trends?

What should guys be keeping an eye out on as they head around their favourite clothing stores?

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7 Ways To Make Money In 2019

Money Making Tips
1. Sell Your Skills Online

Sites such as Upwork, People Per Hour and Fiverr allow you to register and sell your skills online. This particularly works well for creatives and writers. You could sell articles, sketches, social media skills, anything really.

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5 Top Bucket List Experiences

Bucket List Travel

Everyone needs a bucket list of experiences that they should enjoy before they die. In this piece, you will get our top 5 bucket list of experiences that will change your life.
Every experience in this list is one of a kind and will make you appreciate the world and its diversity.

Meet our top 5 experiences:

  1. Seeing the northern lights
  2. Spending a night in an overwater bungalow in Fiji
  3. Seeing some of the world’s most unique creatures in Africa on a safari
  4. Exploring the beauty of the underwater world in the Philippines
  5. Wandering the streets of Venice

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The Sonos Play 5 And Rediscovery Some Classic Music

The Sonos Play 5 (Black)

After 20 years we have finally got around to replacing our the old Technics sound system. It has served us well over this long period and combined with the Mission speakers, it still produced a very good sound.

However, in recent years it has been sitting there unused and gathering dust. The last time either of us bought a CD was at least 4 years ago and we don’t think we have used the tape deck for over 12 years.
Most of our music is now in the iTunes library and 2 years ago we found the joys of music streaming services (currently using Spotify and Amazon).

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